FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  1. What happened with your site? It looks like shit. I miss the ugly green.
    Well, you see kids, in September of 2002 I left for college and the site remained untouched until December 2002 due to my laziness. But during the winter break of 2002, contrary to my hopes of making the site better, I actually broke it on accident and I didn't have enough time to fix it. Broken, in that you could try to browse it, but you'd get errors. ...zoom... Rush ahead to right now. It's September 16th 2003, and now is the first time I've touched it in any way since last December. And it's only to remove the crumbling remains of the old site and put in this little FAQ here.

  2. How can I see your photographs?
    Ah yes, the million dollar question. And the answer: you can't. The site's not working, stupid.

  3. Yes I know that, but are you going to get it back up?
    Oh, well certainly. I mean, it's on my list, along with everything else I haven't done yet.

  4. Oh, i see. But I'm Impatient!! I don't want to wait.
    Relax. If you get paid by the hour, there's no reason to be rush and be too productive. Just take it easy.

  5. But I'm not getting paid by the hour. In fact, blah blah blah....
    Yeah yeah yeah, I don't want to hear it.

  6. I have a VIP pass, let me IN!!
    Easy there sweetheart, i'd let you pass in a flash (no pun intended), but there's no where to go inside. It's all boarded up.

  7. Hey do you still like penguins?
    Oh fuck yeah. My dorm room is known as the Penguin Palace by everybody, just for that fact. I may have overdone it with the fake snow though...

  8. Can you fix my computer?
    No, i don't know much about computers. In fact, I always have to ask my friends for help with checking my e-mail.

  9. Hey I forgot where you go to college, if you still do.

  10. Do you still like Britney?
    No way. I discovered her for who she is, a slut that is contributing to the moral decline of youth. I now regularly rock out to Pink Floyd (more on this later)...

  11. I had an account on the website when it was working. When... err... sorry... if you ever get your site working again or something, will I need to make a new account or can I use my old one?
    Baby allow me to let you in on a little secret: Simon never forgets. So the answer is YES, you'll be able to. See The List.


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